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Your life defining Kimberley adventure

The Gibb Challenge

10th - 17th MAY, 2024

G'day Gibbsters, past, present and future! Welcome to the 2024 campaign for The Gibb Challenge: a socially competitive 660 kilometre team relay event raising community awareness and funds for charity.

  • Cable Beach Sundowner; Friday 10th May, 2024
  • The Gibb Challenge; Sunday 12th - Thursday 16th May, 2024
  • Day of rest & exploration El Questro; Friday 17th May, 2024
  • Kimberley Moon Experience (Ord Valley Muster) ; Saturday 18th May, 2024

How to become a Gibbster

Form a team of 2-6 riders and raise at least $1000 each for our charity partner before joining our celebration of fat tyre fellowship along the Kimberley super-highway of the Gibb River Road. Once you’ve raised your $1000 qualifying amount, you might want to nominate a second registered charity to share your fund-raising endeavours, or just keep rattlin' the tin for our principal charity partner.

We have lots of helpful information on our website about things you may need for The Gibb Challenge like support vehicles, bike and equipment info and if you need more information please get in touch.

Just want to be part of the event without riding? Join as a Bloody Heroic Volunteer.

SEO HERE | The Gibb Challenge
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A life defining

The Gibb Challenge will lead you on a life defining adventure from the deep port Kimberley town of Derby to the world acclaimed million acres El Questro Wilderness Park. Overnight camping and fellowship at Imintji Community, Mount Elizabeth Station, Ellenbrae Station, Home Valley Station before two nights of rest and exploration at El Questro.

What you need to know

Information about The Gibb Challenge

Getting There

Hollywood Style ... Flights within Australia Broome is a major gateway to the attractions of the Kimberley region and enjoys goo...

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Support Vehicle

Sapio Vestra Hostis (Know your enemy): The Gibb River Road was established to link the deep port facilities of Derby and Wyndham ...

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No Lance - It's all about the bike

Nothing Technical Here Folks: The Gibb River Road is essentially an unsealed road, established to link the deep port facilities o...

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Equipment for the challenge

Bike Tools and Spare Parts Tyre levers/patch kit Spare tubes Spare tyre(s) CO2 canisters or Mini-pump Floor p...

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Bloody Heroic Volunteers

Volunteers are a revered element of The Gibb Challenge. They’re simply amazing; donating their time, expertise and enthusiasm. ...

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Most of the amazing images on this website have been provided by Photorgapher Andy Garleep. If you would like to view the high res...

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Thanks you bloody legends

Sponsors of the Gibb Challenge

View our Community Prospectus and Sponsor Benefits.

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Passport Prize

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Foundation Partner

Foundation Partner

Foundation Partner

Royalties for Regions

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Supporting the
Kyle Andrews Foundation (KAF)

The Gibb Challenge is intent upon supporting charities with regional relevance and demonstrated integrity. In 2024, our event has selected the Kyle Andrews Foundation (KAF) to be the principal beneficiary of our celebrated community event, with another ambitious fund-raising...

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Thanks for allowing our program and students to participate in the Gibb Challenge again this year! Unfortunately I was unable to attend this year but have had discussions with students and staff who were all first time Gibbsters and everyone had an amazing time on the trip. Thanks for making this event happen every year!

I know we've just wrapped up the GC 2023 but wanted to get in super early for 2024 as I know spots are limited and fill very fast. How can we go abouts locking in another Yiramalay Team for 2024?

The Clontarf Academy from Derby has also expressed interest in registering a team for 2024. I have CC'd in Owen and Nick who run the Clontarf Program in Derby so you can all liaise directly.

Hope you've pulled up well Simon and we look forward to working with you again in 2024. Talk soon.


Brent Simons

Community Engagement and Employment Pathways Coordinator


Hi Simon

Hope your well and almost recovered!

I just sent a thanks to our sponsors…. But importantly I wanted to send a thanks to you, great job and we had a ball.

Thanks then, it was awesome!

Regards   Travis French -

I raised an extra $465.00 which I donated to Care flight NT. Mate thanks for an absolutely fantastic time, you and your crew deserve the biggest pat on the back for getting this together. This was my first year but I will back again next year if I can get through the ballot for nominations (I will be emailing offering bribes at that time). Time to sit back take a breath and a beer have a bit of reflection time and then get ready for next year. - Pete Polman (from Team Madness)

Simon – our final fundraising tally for this year was an amazing $118,527 – of which $5k went to RFDS and the rest to Autism West. This far exceeded even our best expectations! If you’re interested in knowing how these monies get put to good use, I encourage you have a look at our video here Again, thank you for the opportunity to participate in such an amazing event, and for allowing us to raise funds for our charity of choice and for not letting it bloody rain this year.  Bring on 2015! - Adam

The Gibb Challenge provided the Downer Team with a great opportunity for camaraderie, team building and whole lot of fun. Most importantly though it was an opportunity to give something back to a good cause. Our business operates all over the country, in and out of communities Urban and Rural. In 2018 knowing the RFDS were the key beneficiary it made our decision to enter pretty easy. The event was so well organised that it was simply enjoyable and we all missed it the moment it ended. Good luck for future rides and we would love to be back again. - Mark

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Karunjie Event

Contact: Simon Rimmer

Event Director

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