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Bloody heroic volunteers

There aren't sufficient superlatives to adequately acknowledge the invaluable contribution made by each and every one of the Bloody Heroic Volunteers. My humble thanks are merely a down payment on a debt I cannot repay. Without their expertise, enthusiasm and effort, The Gibb Challenge wouldn't be possible and nothing would progress beyond idle bar side banter.

They really are, the champions of The Gibb Challenge.

Ann BryantNeville CantrillIan SinclairBrian JohnsonKen Blackhurst
Olivia TriferisRohan CantrillDr Stephen PannellAlki SussaMike Revell
Gordon RimmerCameron BlackhurstGeorgie CalderMichael WhiteJohn Herzfeld
Bernadette LamrockMichelle BlackhurstHarrison MackaySherron WhiteTom Herzfeld
David LamrockNicole CantrillLyn SinclairRick HunterBernie Egan
Sabina McGregorDarcy CantrillKim RoadleyAdam Boyd
Vanessa RidleyToni JeffsKaren Roadley
Diane Louw
Barbara Sing

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